CLUB 4 PAWS SENSITIVE Premium meaty stick: SALMON. Complementary pet food for dogs
12 g
protein: 35%
fat: 22%
12 g
Treats for dogs
meaty stick: SALMON

CLUB 4 PAWS SENSITIVE Premium meaty stick: SALMON. Complementary pet food for dogs

Meat sticks as the treats for dogs include 92% of meat and fish ingredients (including 31% of salmon) and complex of vitamins A, E, D3 and L-carnitine. Grain-free snacks are made without the use of sugar, soy, artificial flavors and dyes. To maximize the freshness retention of the product, each stick is packed in single metallized package. Treats can be the perfect reward for commands execution on a walk or on a trip, as well as a break for a snack between meals.



  •     High content of meat and fish ingredients – 92%
  •     L-carnitine keeps heart healthy during heavy loads, transforms fats into energy
  •     Complex of vitamins A, E, D3 
  •     Perfect for dogs with sensitive digestion and skin
  •     Without sugar, soy and grain
  •     High quality product made in Europe
Composition: meat and animal derivatives ( 61 % ), fish and fish derivatives ( including no less than 29 % from salmon), minerals.

Technology additives: antioxidant, preservatives.

Sensory additives: food colourant.
Additives: Nutritional (for kg): Vitamin А – 5000 IU; Vitamin D3 – 500 IU; Vitamin Е – 50 mg, L- carnitine – 1000 mg.

Analytical constituents: protein – 35 %, crude fat – 22 %, crude ash – 8,5 %, crude fibre – 3,0 %, humidity – 30%.
  • In the north: dried hawthorn — helps to normalize blood pressure, improves the heart functioning.
  • In the south: dried banana — contains easily digestible carbohydrates and fibre that help to improve digestion, are a good source of energy and have high potassium content.
  • In the west: dried tomatoes — contain organic acids and B vitamins. The greatest advantage of tomatoes is the high content of choline that helps to normalize the liver functioning and improves the synthesis of bile.
  • In the east: dried ginger — positively affects the gastrointestinal tract functioning and helps to support the immune system.
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