Those who have pets are on the same wave. We may be strangers, but we always recognize pet owner from afar. No matter how different we are, there are things that unite us. Some of them can be seen - a photo of a pet, wool on clothes, scratches on the hand, or a cute keychain on a bunch of keys. These symbols unite us in a real Club - a secret union of millions, which is constantly growing. The main secret of the CLUB 4 PAWS is that WE, its members, become better because of pets that are waiting at home. CLUB 4 PAWS is also a club member. Its nutrition is created by people, who are inspired by kindness, love and care about their own pets.

How we create pet food


Premium nutrition for cats and dogs was developed by KORMOTECH specialists together with American (PETFOOD WORLDWIDE DEVELOPMENT) and Polish experts (PETFOOD SPECIALITIES) under the supervision of Ukrainian veterinarians. CLUB 4 PAWS products are exported to Europe and the world. All recipes are balanced and contain meat ingredients on the first place, necessary vitamins and minerals and Omega-3 and Omega-6 complex. Nutrition is enriched with unique health formula INTEGRAMIX – the result of our never ending effort to do the best for pets` health. Hawthorn, banana, tomatoes and ginger are an exceptional set of ingredients from four sides of the world that help maintain the health of your pet. The range of products includes dry, wet food and a snack group. All the products are divided into lines according to the age, basic and special needs of an animal.

Dutch institute of animal nutrition KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND

French college of veterinary medicine ONIRIS (study and engineering of nutritional products)

State Research Control Institute

Our advantages


Meat as first ingredient in composition


INTEGRAMIX – 4 ingredients from 4 sides of the world supporting pets’ health


Omega 3 + Omega 6 helps to support healthy skin and shiny coat


The product range covers different needs

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