We are responsible

Responsibility to animals is very important for us. We support and create our own social initiatives every year:

Our advantages


Meat as first ingredient in composition


INTEGRAMIX – 4 ingredients from 4 sides of the world supporting pets’ health


Omega 3 + Omega 6 helps to support healthy skin and shiny coat


Best price in premium segment

Our production

All recipes for the CLUB 4 PAWS pet food were developed by KORMOTECH specialists together with American and Polish experts: PETFOOD WORLDWIDE DEVELOPMENT (USA) and PETFOOD SPECIALITIES (Poland), under the supervision of Ukrainian veterinarians.

We control the quality and preservation of the nutritional properties of the product at all stages of its production. By the time of entering the market, each product is tested and approved by industry experts

Dutch institute of animal nutrition KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND

French college of veterinary medicine ONIRIS (study and engineering of nutritional products)

State Research Control Institute

Кошик порожній